Perils in the Sublime

A Poetic Consideration of Ecology, Landscape and Reconstruction

Exhibition and Panel Discussion

Kim Dickey / Neil Forrest / Lauren Gallaspy / Walter McConnell / John Roloff / Claire Twomey

NCECA 2009 / Phoenix, AZ / ASU Gallery of Design / Neil Forrest & Walter McConnell in the gallery

Great Lakes
Neil Forrest / John Roloff

NCECA 2014 / Milwaukee, WI / Pritzlaff Building / Opening Night

Neil Forrest / John Roloff

NCECA 2017 / Portland, OR / Bison Building / Space pre-installation

Forrest / Roloff Projects

The team of Neil Forrest and John Roloff have done three projects to date. Each project was concieved and developed for the 2009, 2014 and 2017 NCECA "Concurrent" exhibtion program that accepts proposals for special exhibitions, usually in "off-site" venues from the conference proper. Each of our projects has a site and/or thematic context with the intent of expanding our individual/collaborative horizons of ceramic expression as well as to expand the dialog within and between the ceramic and art communities about the possiblities, boundaries, definitions and questions relevant to contemporary ceramic practice.

Excerpt from NCECA 2017 Exhibiton Proposal:

John Roloff, tenured Professor, San Francisco Art Institute and Neil Forrest, tenured Professor, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Nova Scotia, Canada, have been in constant dialog about ceramics, it's cogent possibilities and relevance to contemporary art, pedagogy and life for several decades.  We have collaborated, co-curated and co-exhibited in numerous and varied venues.  Our long experience with ceramics, it's issues and the emergent nature of our discourse, we believe, provide a platform for expanding exploration of the nature of our medium and it's instrumentality. 

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