Night Ships -
Related Tableau's

Part of a series of ship/seascape/landscape sculptures/tableaus done from the 1980's to early 1990's related to the Night Ship series

Top: Orchard of Tears (for Sax Rohmer), 1984

ceramic, wood, paint, vitrine
vitrine: 69 in. long x 36 in. high x 50 in deep,
image; Fuller/Goldeen gallery, San Francisco, private collection

Bottom: Ice Orchid/Winter Reef
, 1984
ceramic, fused silica, wood, stablized mud
68 in. long x 24 in deep, destroyed

Top: Abyss II (Plain)
ceramic, refractory cement, carbon, wood, steel, vitrine
vitrine: 38 in. long x 54 in. high x 24 in deep, collection of artist

Bottom: Flood Zone/Submerged Collision (Stage Ship/Forest Ship), 1983
ceramic, wood, stablized mud, moss, paint
72 in. long x 24 in deep, destroyed

Essay about the Night Ships by Constance Lewallen.